How to Put DVD on iPad for Mac

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No DVD-ROM for iPad, how to watch DVD movies on iPad? Follow this tutorial, you could simply convert and put DVD on iPad Mac. Especially for Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 users.

Part I: Convert DVD to iPad Videos

Part II: Put DVD on iPad

Part I: Convert DVD to iPad Videos

As you known, it is impossible to directly copy and paste a DVD to iPad. So you need to rip and convert DVD to iPad Mac supported video first.

Launch DVD to iPad Converter for Mac and Load DVD movies.

Launch DVD to iPad Converter for Mac, and click "Load DVD" button on top. It supports converting most latest copy protected DVDs with "Enhanced DVD Analysis" technology.

import dvd to ipad converter

Enhanced DVD Analysis is for ripping structure copy protected DVD movies (usually 99 titles). Most latest Disney movies, Sony Picture moives are structure copy protected. It will take longer to load DVDs with EDA.

Select "VIDEO_TS" and Load DVD after parsing.

load dvd movies

Select a iPad Video profile.

iPad supported H.264 / MPEG-4 video, *.mp4 / *.mov format. You could choose different format according to your needs.

MPEG-4 Video is recommended to rip and convert dvd with faster speed. Besides, iPad HD video is available if you need a high quality video output.

dvd to ipad on mac

Start converting dvd on Mac

Press "" button on the top to start ripping and converting dvd movies to. mp4 format.

Part II: Put DVD on iPad

Tool you need: iTunes

Connect iPad to your Mac

Connect iPad to your Mac and launch iTunes.

Add File to iTunes

Click "File" on iTunes menu and select "Add File to Library" to add videos to iTunes library.

Add file to library

Then on LIBRARY section of iTunes source list, click "Movies", and you could see the movie you added just now.


Select iPad in DEVICES section

Sync dvd video to iPad

Drag and drop the videos converted by DVD to iPad Converter in iTunes library list to iPad Movies. Then you will see the video sync to iPad automatically.

Syncing DVD movies to iPad

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